Whilst in San Francisco I had the pleasure of meeting and skating with Japans’ Hiroki Muraoka and his girlfriend Erina. On one of their last days in SF, we all went up to Twin Peaks to grab a glimpse of the city from a height.

IMG_6659It was a great day for it – so much sun was out

hiroki_twin_peaksPhotos were taken..

IMG_6732..by everyone…


hiroki_twin_peaks_2Playing eye-spy on Market Street


hiroki_erina_twin_peaks_2We then went to climb one of the peaks, to get that much higher

hiroki_erina_twin_peaks_3We tried the road less taken, thinking it was going to be easy,

hiroki_erina_twin_peaks_3but the path was much easier…

hiroki_twin_peaks3It was so much windier than expected at the top

hikoki_planeHiroki went to make a paper plane,

IMG_6695telling San Francisco that he loved her.

IMG_6698origami practice coming in handy


hiroki_erina_twin_peaks_5but the plane didn’t get much first than the Peak


hiroki_erina_twin_peaks_8After we had enough view, we descended the Peaks, via the pathway,

hiroki_erina_twin_peaks_9via Christmas Tree Point,

hiroki_erinavia a steep staircase

hiroki_erina3and through someones’ back garden,



out onto the street again.

Maybe the road less taken proved easier this time around…



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