A few friends from Sydney and Melbourne came to Perth for a week-or-so trip, and decided to head out to Penguin Island for an afternoon.

penguin_island_crew_9It was agreed that we would wade over, carrying our stuff on our backs, rather than catch the ferry

dean_palmer_beerDean got stuck with the beers. He wasn’t complaining, yet..


penguin_island2It took about half an hour to get across the sandbar

penguin_island2So we relaxed on the jetty after the water hike

emu_exportThe beer box exploded on the way over, which would have made it very hard to carry..


penguin_island2We checked out a little penguin enclosure before getting our move on and setting up area


penguin_island_crewPicnic under a limestone cave was probably not the best idea, but we took our chances



penguin_island_crested tern2


matt_beckSome snorkels and goggles popped out from somewhere,

dean_palmer2so we ventured into the unknown and explored some underwater caverns and clownholes


penguin_island_crew6After some good chilling we journeyed some more of the island

penguin_island_crew7The West side was getting the brunt of the arvo winds


penguin_island_callum_paul_willy_ackermanCallum managed to pinch a crab out from under a rock




sam_stephensonAfter a while we relocated back to the Eastern shore of the island to collect our things and head back to the mainland

penguin_island_deep_waterIt was a little windy, but nothing too difficult

penguin_island10 easier with less beers and food to carry…



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