We all know those times when we sit around a fire at a party or whatever, and someone throws a cardboard box on the flames. This cardboard is fuel for the fire, and in turn, fuel for entertainment.

One particular party, the cardboard box was just the beginning…


chair_fire after that, there was no stopping a couple of people throwing an armchair on for more fuel




what was minutes ago a comfortable place for sore, drunk legs was a blazing inferno


olaf swept in to move the embers for some more fuel


he then pulled a larger sofa into the mix, and chilled on it for a short while,

sofa_firebefore it was too dancing on fire


but this time the fuel was too great, and folks abandoned their seats to escape the heat of the moment


then, as the fuel diminished and the sofa corpse melted into the ground, embers

the pyromaniacs returned to the warmth of the fire they took ever so for granted



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