One of the main attractions in Battambang is the Bamboo Train, where a metal frame on a set of wheels plus a motor have helped transport food and people, since the French left the railway abandoned years ago. Now, tourists come to especially to Battambang to ride a memorable 50 minute journey on the outskirts of the city.

IMG_1331The hotel staff organised for a tuktuk to pick us up one morning to take us to the railway

IMG_1348There were a couple of tourists in line waiting for their set of wheels to arrive, which took away from the legitimate feeling we were expecting

IMG_1340 but once we got on our ride, we passed people who obviously used the railway as a main ‘street’

IMG_1360After about 20 minutes we reached the end of the line, where we stopped at a bunch of shops ,who were waiting for tourists to spend some money on their common goods.

IMG_1363We decided to skip the shops and walk to the actual end of the line

IMG_1365IMG_1368cow gate…

IMG_1373Some local girls came out and checked us out. I’m sure they were probably pretty used to seeing westerners on the daily.


After about 10 minutes and a few games, we had to wrap it up and board our platform back to our tuktuk

IMG_1395IMG_1403IMG_1418The ride back felt quicker,


though we noticed things we’d missed on the first trip.

IMG_1430But the locals still stood out the most, and were definitely a highlight of the whole experience.



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