While staying in Numazu, a little town in Shizuoka, Japan, we decided to go skate a well known DIY skatepark in a farm on the side of a hill on the Shizuoka Peninsula.

IMG_1908We drove through hills and rice paddies before arriving at Makkachi Base.

IMG_1912We had to give the whole place a whip down as no one had skated it in a little while

IMG_1920Patricks bearing exploded, and he hadn’t changed his wheels in so long, that the bolt was being stubborn and not coming off

IMG_1938But eventually we got the session started

IMG_1930IMG_1916After skating a little, I had a walk around and explored the farm that was Makkachi Base

IMG_1914IMG_1915IMG_1951IMG_1954IMG_1955IMG_1963IMG_1932IMG_1967We left after a few hours to a little village which was well known for its hot spring

IMG_1976The natural hot spring rose from the middle of a river, where the now-standing onsen was built on top of it.

IMG_1972IMG_1970We dipped our feet in only, as no one was game enough to get naked


A thumbs up from Nori

IMG_1981We’d heard of a bamboo forrest close by, so we had a little bush walk and a chill

IMG_1986Before heading back to Numazu



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