We were planning on visiting friends in Banja Luka, a small town in the Balkan state of Bosnia, when they told us of our perfect timing. They said we were fortunate enough to be arriving on the day of their secret wedding, where only close Balkan friends and family were invited.

img_3821 We arrived with not having much sleep, but got thrown into the gist of things not long after

img_3809 The wedding car stood out like a pink eye

img_3816 We were all greeted by accident by a busking gypsy brass band, who hang out in the parking lot any given Sunday

img_3834 After many a greeting and kisses on the cheeks, the Bride and Groom invited people into the church to get the formalities underway

img_3853 It honestly took about 10 minutes for the ‘yeses’ and signing of the papers. The fastest wedding in the books


img_3875 After the ceremony many a picture was taken and the locally brew ‘rakija’ was drunk

img_3874 The rakija was being shared around in this traditional wooden flask


img_3865 Even the parents were putting it down

img_3899 And yes, even the Bosnians throw a bouquet


img_3905 The Fresh Husband, Dom Naprelac


img_3936 We left the wedding location and drove to a fancy restaurant where we drunk beer, feasted on meat and cut the cake



img_3957“I’m not even hungry”

img_3982 “C,mon! It’s tradition kids!”


img_3961 Johnny got in with the pouring champagne, which he enjoyed a little too much

img_3990 and “a toast to the young couple…”

img_3975“…and to meeee”

img_4068 Afterwards there was an after party held at the local club Incel

img_4099 with basically unlimited supply of beer, wine and rakija,

img_3998 with music, dancing and falling stereo systems of course…

Canon EOS 500D



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