When visiting the desert region of Rajasthan, West of Delhi, it is almost a necessity to go on a camel safari and stay at least one night out in the sand, under the stars.

img_4390My safari was organised from Jaisalmer, a town in the far West of the desert state.

img_4389“Let me just fill my hump, yo!”


img_4375“Hey! Who’s walking who here?”

img_4400So we set out for the Khuri Desert,

img_4411and after a few hours we could see the dunes

img_4418img_4422Upon arrival, it was time for our guides, and transport to have a rest

img_4443img_4463Camel calluses

img_4437“You guys ready to keep going?”


img_4486We walked further into the dunes, this time with the drivers on the camels and us on foot

img_4489img_4518We watched the sun go down in the distance and went back to a camp to gather our sleeping arrangements for that evening under the stars

img_4553Our driver was at the wrong end of the camel…

img_4576After a chill night, we woke to the sun rising halfway out of the sky

img_4577We took our photos and slowly stretched our legs,

img_4593and clambered upon our camel carts,

img_4594which took us back to the camp where we were jeeped back to Jaisalmer

Canon EOS 500D



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