When visiting the desert region of Rajasthan, West of Delhi, it is almost a necessity to go on a camel safari and stay at least one night out in the sand, under the stars.

img_4390My safari was organised from Jaisalmer, a town in the far West of the desert state.

img_4389“Let me just fill my hump, yo!”


img_4375“Hey! Who’s walking who here?”

img_4400So we set out for the Khuri Desert,

img_4411and after a few hours we could see the dunes

img_4418img_4422Upon arrival, it was time for our guides, and transport to have a rest

img_4443img_4463Camel calluses

img_4437“You guys ready to keep going?”


img_4486We walked further into the dunes, this time with the drivers on the camels and us on foot

img_4489img_4518We watched the sun go down in the distance and went back to a camp to gather our sleeping arrangements for that evening under the stars

img_4553Our driver was at the wrong end of the camel…

img_4576After a chill night, we woke to the sun rising halfway out of the sky

img_4577We took our photos and slowly stretched our legs,

img_4593and clambered upon our camel carts,

img_4594which took us back to the camp where we were jeeped back to Jaisalmer

Canon EOS 500D



Whilst in Europe, we decided to sign up with a website called Workaway, which lets you view host profiles and apply to volunteer with them all over the world. We found some we liked, and some we didn’t, but the following experience was outstanding.

As a part of our agreement while working with Marin at his guesthouse in the Istrian city of Rovinj, Croatia, we had to shoot photos for his new website. Photos of kayaking through the Rovinj Archipelago.

img_2548The weather wasn’t the best on the planned day we had set for ourselves, so we ended up getting out onto the water later on in the afternoon

img_2590img_2551There was a storm approaching in the distance, so we had to act quickly to get things done

img_2606Marin was a local and knew a lot of people in Rovinj

img_2609He invited his drone-expert friend, Jim and Landa along to film the ride

img_2613He even knew the other crew out on the water

img_2623So, we set out, past the first islands

img_2655img_2647It seemed like rain was inevitable

img_2703So we paddled faster to get to the furtherest island and explore

DCIM100MEDIADJI_0020.JPGview from the drone

DCIM100MEDIADJI_0023.JPGWe reached our island destination and banked the kayaks

img_2722We then ventured into the bushes and sent the drone into space

img_2725img_2727Then we took the opportunity to explore the island a bit

img_2737Marin knew the right spot, and he didn’t disappoint

img_2742abandonned church on the middle of the island? Please…

img_2752We reached the other side of the island with an amazing view

img_2778Jim got his drone airbourne again

img_2755and back into the vegetation

DCIM100MEDIADJI_0029.JPGAnd we thought we had a good view…

img_2798After taking in the view we passed back through the island to the kayaks

img_2806img_2816Quick little photo opportunity before getting back out onto the water

img_2819img_2719img_2858We chased the setting sun and nearly got eaten by sharks…

img_2872`Did you say sharks?`

Yeah, just kidding, sorry

img_2924The sun poked its face out of the storm that missed us, and delivered a beautiful sunset

img_2928tourist boats also had the same idea

img_2959mmm, yeah, thanks abunch

img_2974but we still managed to get a good view,

img_2988before powering back to shore in closing darkness

img_3007and stretching our backs, happy with a solid afternoon on the water



Pushkar is surrounded by many hills, but the closest one has a temple built at its peak. It was recommended to us that we climb the hill before sunrise, so we could get the best view possible of Pushkar below us.

IMG_5376The pathway was will lit until halfway up the hill

IMG_5387After that we used my camera flash…

IMG_5400We were joined by a couple of the town dogs, who most likely made their way up each morning

IMG_5409We reached the top as the sun slowly rose behind this hills in the distance

IMG_5460IMG_5446IMG_5427Dogs and humans both took in the view of Pushkar below them

IMG_5430IMG_5483I had a little wander around the temple as the temperature rose

IMG_5438We swam in the view for a few moments longer before beginning the descent

IMG_5443IMG_5440Wrong direction mate.

IMG_5490IMG_5494As we walked down we spied some other fury creatures, up in the trees this time

IMG_5506The Indian morning brings all walks of life



On our way from Siem Reap to Battambang in Cambodia, we decided, instead of catching a bus or train, we would take an 8 hour boat trip, through the floating villages of Tonlé Sap.

IMG_0967They told us that there hadn’t been much rain lately and that the boats might not be running, but we arrived to find plenty willing to take us

IMG_0974So we willingly boarded and headed off down the river towards the main lake

IMG_0979IMG_0984IMG_1027We reached the opening of the river to find (what we expected) many houses floating in the water

IMG_1031IMG_1036IMG_1055As we got closer to the other side of the lake, we patches of reeds passing by, but the driver of the boat didn’t seem to care about slowing

IMG_1084We knew when we had hit the village on the other side

IMG_1101IMG_1100oops, sorry…

IMG_1090The village here was alive with people on boats buying, trading and just living a completely different life than anyone could imagine

IMG_1110Each boat was armored with a propellor on the end of a long arm, presumably to get past all the reeds

IMG_1116which were obviously still a nuisance.

IMG_1159IMG_1123The reeds began to thicken towards the end of the village and we broke out across uninhabited plantville.

IMG_1131IMG_1177IMG_1141no rulez

IMG_1144IMG_1175IMG_1180IMG_1191blowing kisses

IMG_1203We came to another village where jumped off the boat for a quick break and a bite to eat

IMG_1202IMG_1199IMG_1207After our meal, we hopped back aboard and made way down the river for Battambang

IMG_1211It felt like hours winding through bends

IMG_1220and passing unique homes

IMG_1226until we finally made it to our port of rest, where it felt good to stand again on solid ground