When visiting the desert region of Rajasthan, West of Delhi, it is almost a necessity to go on a camel safari and stay at least one night out in the sand, under the stars.

img_4390My safari was organised from Jaisalmer, a town in the far West of the desert state.

img_4389“Let me just fill my hump, yo!”


img_4375“Hey! Who’s walking who here?”

img_4400So we set out for the Khuri Desert,

img_4411and after a few hours we could see the dunes

img_4418img_4422Upon arrival, it was time for our guides, and transport to have a rest

img_4443img_4463Camel calluses

img_4437“You guys ready to keep going?”


img_4486We walked further into the dunes, this time with the drivers on the camels and us on foot

img_4489img_4518We watched the sun go down in the distance and went back to a camp to gather our sleeping arrangements for that evening under the stars

img_4553Our driver was at the wrong end of the camel…

img_4576After a chill night, we woke to the sun rising halfway out of the sky

img_4577We took our photos and slowly stretched our legs,

img_4593and clambered upon our camel carts,

img_4594which took us back to the camp where we were jeeped back to Jaisalmer

Canon EOS 500D




Whilst in Europe, we decided to sign up with a website called Workaway, which lets you view host profiles and apply to volunteer with them all over the world. We found some we liked, and some we didn’t, but the following experience was outstanding.

As a part of our agreement while working with Marin at his guesthouse in the Istrian city of Rovinj, Croatia, we had to shoot photos for his new website. Photos of kayaking through the Rovinj Archipelago.

img_2548The weather wasn’t the best on the planned day we had set for ourselves, so we ended up getting out onto the water later on in the afternoon

img_2590img_2551There was a storm approaching in the distance, so we had to act quickly to get things done

img_2606Marin was a local and knew a lot of people in Rovinj

img_2609He invited his drone-expert friend, Jim and Landa along to film the ride

img_2613He even knew the other crew out on the water

img_2623So, we set out, past the first islands

img_2655img_2647It seemed like rain was inevitable

img_2703So we paddled faster to get to the furtherest island and explore

DCIM100MEDIADJI_0020.JPGview from the drone

DCIM100MEDIADJI_0023.JPGWe reached our island destination and banked the kayaks

img_2722We then ventured into the bushes and sent the drone into space

img_2725img_2727Then we took the opportunity to explore the island a bit

img_2737Marin knew the right spot, and he didn’t disappoint

img_2742abandonned church on the middle of the island? Please…

img_2752We reached the other side of the island with an amazing view

img_2778Jim got his drone airbourne again

img_2755and back into the vegetation

DCIM100MEDIADJI_0029.JPGAnd we thought we had a good view…

img_2798After taking in the view we passed back through the island to the kayaks

img_2806img_2816Quick little photo opportunity before getting back out onto the water

img_2819img_2719img_2858We chased the setting sun and nearly got eaten by sharks…

img_2872`Did you say sharks?`

Yeah, just kidding, sorry

img_2924The sun poked its face out of the storm that missed us, and delivered a beautiful sunset

img_2928tourist boats also had the same idea

img_2959mmm, yeah, thanks abunch

img_2974but we still managed to get a good view,

img_2988before powering back to shore in closing darkness

img_3007and stretching our backs, happy with a solid afternoon on the water



Pushkar is surrounded by many hills, but the closest one has a temple built at its peak. It was recommended to us that we climb the hill before sunrise, so we could get the best view possible of Pushkar below us.

IMG_5376The pathway was will lit until halfway up the hill

IMG_5387After that we used my camera flash…

IMG_5400We were joined by a couple of the town dogs, who most likely made their way up each morning

IMG_5409We reached the top as the sun slowly rose behind this hills in the distance

IMG_5460IMG_5446IMG_5427Dogs and humans both took in the view of Pushkar below them

IMG_5430IMG_5483I had a little wander around the temple as the temperature rose

IMG_5438We swam in the view for a few moments longer before beginning the descent

IMG_5443IMG_5440Wrong direction mate.

IMG_5490IMG_5494As we walked down we spied some other fury creatures, up in the trees this time

IMG_5506The Indian morning brings all walks of life



We were planning on visiting friends in Banja Luka, a small town in the Balkan state of Bosnia, when they told us of our perfect timing. They said we were fortunate enough to be arriving on the day of their secret wedding, where only close Balkan friends and family were invited.

img_3821 We arrived with not having much sleep, but got thrown into the gist of things not long after

img_3809 The wedding car stood out like a pink eye

img_3816 We were all greeted by accident by a busking gypsy brass band, who hang out in the parking lot any given Sunday

img_3834 After many a greeting and kisses on the cheeks, the Bride and Groom invited people into the church to get the formalities underway

img_3853 It honestly took about 10 minutes for the ‘yeses’ and signing of the papers. The fastest wedding in the books


img_3875 After the ceremony many a picture was taken and the locally brew ‘rakija’ was drunk

img_3874 The rakija was being shared around in this traditional wooden flask


img_3865 Even the parents were putting it down

img_3899 And yes, even the Bosnians throw a bouquet


img_3905 The Fresh Husband, Dom Naprelac


img_3936 We left the wedding location and drove to a fancy restaurant where we drunk beer, feasted on meat and cut the cake



img_3957“I’m not even hungry”

img_3982 “C,mon! It’s tradition kids!”


img_3961 Johnny got in with the pouring champagne, which he enjoyed a little too much

img_3990 and “a toast to the young couple…”

img_3975“…and to meeee”

img_4068 Afterwards there was an after party held at the local club Incel

img_4099 with basically unlimited supply of beer, wine and rakija,

img_3998 with music, dancing and falling stereo systems of course…

Canon EOS 500D



Last year Halloween fell on a Saturday, which was a perfect excuse to make a weekend out of the ‘holiday’.

img_8598Fremantle held an event on the Friday in the Queensgate Cinemas

img_8458Entry was a steep $25, but after the evening, I didn’t regret the spend. We were prepared to be spooked

img_8547“Holy Shit! What the..”

img_8559“Oh, there’s just a guy in there”

img_8481They had converted one of the cinema rooms into a silent disco, where party goers wore different coloured head phones that played different music in the silent room

img_8477img_8533img_8511img_8526My camera even had a good time…

img_8672…not like this guy

img_8613We went to go check out a different cinema room, but we didn’t come here for a band

img_8652We left the cinemas and went to the main foyer to see how the party was evolving

img_8568img_8465Some people had really dressed up

img_8470Justin was having a good time, though his costume sucked

img_8658as did this guys’

img_8665img_8678photocorpse was there too!

img_8687img_8695“How’d it go photocorpse?”



img_8701img_8741img_8755img_8760chicken bone beard

img_8777img_8766Once we had had enough in the foyer, we hit the streets, cos there were definitely some people that didn’t have $25 to spare

img_8789People were conjuring on the street out the front

img_8636two witches with eyes looming in the background

img_8797img_8802But the best costume I had seen all night went to this guy

img_8880The next night was actually Halloween, and we had a house party to go to

img_8882upon arrival I was amazed with the intricacy and dedication to Lachlan’s costume; The Tribal Terror

img_8903The Social Scarecrow

img_8926and The Clown Clan

img_8928yep, it’s a party

img_8941“Hey! Stop following me!”

img_8909Lauchlan’s headpiece started unravelling

img_8961“Just put your finger herrrrre please..”

img_8967“Dah daaaaah”

The Transforming Tribal Terror

img_8888“Oh Shit! What the..”

img_8892“Oh, someone just spilt their blood..”

img_9005it was getting heated inside the house

img_8999img_9014I Know What You Did Last Summer Crew

img_9022aaaaaand this is what sent me home…

img_9034…but just when you thought it was safe: Catch 22



While staying in Numazu, a little town in Shizuoka, Japan, we decided to go skate a well known DIY skatepark in a farm on the side of a hill on the Shizuoka Peninsula.

IMG_1908We drove through hills and rice paddies before arriving at Makkachi Base.

IMG_1912We had to give the whole place a whip down as no one had skated it in a little while

IMG_1920Patricks bearing exploded, and he hadn’t changed his wheels in so long, that the bolt was being stubborn and not coming off

IMG_1938But eventually we got the session started

IMG_1930IMG_1916After skating a little, I had a walk around and explored the farm that was Makkachi Base

IMG_1914IMG_1915IMG_1951IMG_1954IMG_1955IMG_1963IMG_1932IMG_1967We left after a few hours to a little village which was well known for its hot spring

IMG_1976The natural hot spring rose from the middle of a river, where the now-standing onsen was built on top of it.

IMG_1972IMG_1970We dipped our feet in only, as no one was game enough to get naked


A thumbs up from Nori

IMG_1981We’d heard of a bamboo forrest close by, so we had a little bush walk and a chill

IMG_1986Before heading back to Numazu



Thinking about it now, we should have really checked out Niagara Falls one day later, on the 4th of July…

IMG_9638IMG_9639We boarded our Greyhound bus at midday from Toronto bus station, taking an hour and a half to get to the national treasure.

IMG_9643IMG_9644IMG_9657The weather was much better out near the boarder town of Niagara

IMG_9720IMG_9660We got dropped off at one of the first stops in town, so we could slowly walk towards the water falls and take it in from (almost) every angle

IMG_9663IMG_9671We thought twice about queueing up for hours, having to wear these blue suits and getting wet on the boat

IMG_9683The American side

IMG_9692IMG_9685The strength of the waterfalls really created a constant mist around the site

IMG_9696The exact reason for the boat tours

IMG_9697Such a sunny day brought tourists from all walks of life to the town


Sign: necessary

IMG_9707Once we got all the way to the beginning of the waterfall, and after we stared at the tons of water quickly falling of the side of the cliff, we turned and caught the bus back to the station.


Honestly, I’m glad I went, but I’m not going back any time soon.

Maybe to get on the boat actually…

We’ll see.


FatBros is a skate shop based in Nakano, Tokyo. It is owned by skaters and run by skaters. The two Hagiwara’s were taking turns with sharing the hours whilst I was there in Summer, 2015. Each month or two, they would occupy a car park and organise a skate jam in the suburb of Nakano.


Everybody who was affiliated with the skate shop was encouraged to come down and help out



The day started with a free (hungover) skateboard lesson to the kids who came



Or whoever else was interested




Yuzo taught this kid about the downsides of drinking late the evening before a job


Some kids got it easily


Some kids didn’t…


Some of the older guys didn’t either


After the lesson, the obstacles were set up for a speed race, which Mr. Morita won easily



A fun wind down skate afterwards was the icing on the cake


Ohara stroking the hump into submission



Yuzo Kudo – nose blunt


For the finale; the humpathon



Even though I was hung as a dog from the night before, it was a great opportunity to get amongst the action and teach skating again, if only it was for an hour, and to a young Japanese kid…

Thanks so so much to the FatBros and Far East Skate Network crew for putting on these events and letting me help! I can’t wait to get back!

Canon EOS 500D



One of the main attractions in Battambang is the Bamboo Train, where a metal frame on a set of wheels plus a motor have helped transport food and people, since the French left the railway abandoned years ago. Now, tourists come to especially to Battambang to ride a memorable 50 minute journey on the outskirts of the city.

IMG_1331The hotel staff organised for a tuktuk to pick us up one morning to take us to the railway

IMG_1348There were a couple of tourists in line waiting for their set of wheels to arrive, which took away from the legitimate feeling we were expecting

IMG_1340 but once we got on our ride, we passed people who obviously used the railway as a main ‘street’

IMG_1360After about 20 minutes we reached the end of the line, where we stopped at a bunch of shops ,who were waiting for tourists to spend some money on their common goods.

IMG_1363We decided to skip the shops and walk to the actual end of the line

IMG_1365IMG_1368cow gate…

IMG_1373Some local girls came out and checked us out. I’m sure they were probably pretty used to seeing westerners on the daily.


After about 10 minutes and a few games, we had to wrap it up and board our platform back to our tuktuk

IMG_1395IMG_1403IMG_1418The ride back felt quicker,


though we noticed things we’d missed on the first trip.

IMG_1430But the locals still stood out the most, and were definitely a highlight of the whole experience.



On route to our trek in Nepals’ Annapurna Ranges, we drove from Kathmandu to Pokhara to get closer to the mountains. Pokhara is built next to the 2nd largest Lake in Nepal, Lake Phewa.

IMG_5845One afternoon in Pokhara, we bought some beers and hired out a boat for an hour to cruise around the lake and kill time in the Himalaya.


IMG_5864people were stopped on the lakeside, or fishing in the shallows

IMG_5867others were fishing too



IMG_5888it wasn’t the comfiest of rests but the view surely did make up for that



IMG_5932we rolled in as we approached the one hour mark, a little more drunk than when we first boarded


IMG_5939and wondered why we didn’t get an extra hour.