IMG_7471.north hedland.


IMG_7483.alex yates.fifty fifty.

IMG_7511.south hedland.

IMG_7818.push.photo.james whineray.

IMG_7778.alex yates.backside 180.

IMG_7624.quayde baker.frontside nose slide.


IMG_7552.dreaming mate.


IMG_7738.alex yates.50 50.

IMG_7756.shark infested beach.



IMG_7766.jesse barron.crooked grind.

Canon EOS 500D




A Skoaching trip was organised by Big Bow Wow for James Whineray, Quayde Baker, Alex Yates and myself to go on, in early 2013. We flew there for just under a week to raise skate-awareness by doing skateboarding clinics in schools and skateparks.


IMG_7343 We flew from Perth to Port Hedland in the early hours of the morning

IMG_7359After we got our hire car, we checked into the dongas, eager to go exploring


IMG_7366Quayde was stoked to get a slab of beer,

IMG_7369and we were all stoked on our mess feeds,

IMG_7372apart from Alex, who has a phobia of seafood..

IMG_7386The skoaching trip was basically divided into school clinics and skatepark clinics

IMG_7393The kids really enjoyed the school clinics

IMG_7438I mean, who doesn’t like to have a shot on a skateboard instead of playing cricket or basketball during phys-ed class?

IMG_7429Alex taking care of Facebook, or Instagram, or YouTube videos…

IMG_7449He did do some work though


IMG_7468He also jumped down stairs for the kids at the end of their session,

IMG_7628or over a stack of skateboards to keep them entertained

IMG_7562Whilst at the schools, we were actively letting the kids know about the skatepark lessons we were holding on the weekend.

IMG_7681Those lessons went well too,

IMG_7677with all sorts of fun being had

IMG_7635A bunch of kids who would have never had the chance to ride a skateboard learned new things they had no idea they were capable of doing.

IMG_7831We even had a comp at the end to finish it all off


It would be safe to say the locals enjoyed our company.

I can’t wait to go back there and skate the new skate park!