On our way from Siem Reap to Battambang in Cambodia, we decided, instead of catching a bus or train, we would take an 8 hour boat trip, through the floating villages of Tonlé Sap.

IMG_0967They told us that there hadn’t been much rain lately and that the boats might not be running, but we arrived to find plenty willing to take us

IMG_0974So we willingly boarded and headed off down the river towards the main lake

IMG_0979IMG_0984IMG_1027We reached the opening of the river to find (what we expected) many houses floating in the water

IMG_1031IMG_1036IMG_1055As we got closer to the other side of the lake, we patches of reeds passing by, but the driver of the boat didn’t seem to care about slowing

IMG_1084We knew when we had hit the village on the other side

IMG_1101IMG_1100oops, sorry…

IMG_1090The village here was alive with people on boats buying, trading and just living a completely different life than anyone could imagine

IMG_1110Each boat was armored with a propellor on the end of a long arm, presumably to get past all the reeds

IMG_1116which were obviously still a nuisance.

IMG_1159IMG_1123The reeds began to thicken towards the end of the village and we broke out across uninhabited plantville.

IMG_1131IMG_1177IMG_1141no rulez

IMG_1144IMG_1175IMG_1180IMG_1191blowing kisses

IMG_1203We came to another village where jumped off the boat for a quick break and a bite to eat

IMG_1202IMG_1199IMG_1207After our meal, we hopped back aboard and made way down the river for Battambang

IMG_1211It felt like hours winding through bends

IMG_1220and passing unique homes

IMG_1226until we finally made it to our port of rest, where it felt good to stand again on solid ground







-fremantle harbour-







-champagne sundown-

-beer harbour-


-south mole-

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