IMG_8509(chief skedans mortuary pole)

IMG_8516(opposite the city)

IMG_8519(sulfur farm)



IMG_8550(strip of water scope)

IMG_8741(via footpath)

canon eos 500d




Thinking about it now, we should have really checked out Niagara Falls one day later, on the 4th of July…

IMG_9638IMG_9639We boarded our Greyhound bus at midday from Toronto bus station, taking an hour and a half to get to the national treasure.

IMG_9643IMG_9644IMG_9657The weather was much better out near the boarder town of Niagara

IMG_9720IMG_9660We got dropped off at one of the first stops in town, so we could slowly walk towards the water falls and take it in from (almost) every angle

IMG_9663IMG_9671We thought twice about queueing up for hours, having to wear these blue suits and getting wet on the boat

IMG_9683The American side

IMG_9692IMG_9685The strength of the waterfalls really created a constant mist around the site

IMG_9696The exact reason for the boat tours

IMG_9697Such a sunny day brought tourists from all walks of life to the town


Sign: necessary

IMG_9707Once we got all the way to the beginning of the waterfall, and after we stared at the tons of water quickly falling of the side of the cliff, we turned and caught the bus back to the station.


Honestly, I’m glad I went, but I’m not going back any time soon.

Maybe to get on the boat actually…

We’ll see.