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IMG_9569(thirsty fish i)

IMG_9561(young guns)



IMG_9478(thirsty fish ii)


IMG_9519(still hot)

IMG_9698(long distance relationship)

IMG_9629(hungry fish)

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canon eos 500d




We has one afternoon to kill on a Skoaching Trip up to Exmouth, and we thought it would be a waste not to see Ningaloo Reef when in such close vicinity to the World Heritage Site.

F1000027So we met up with mate Ben Van Dorsen, who owned a dingy, and went for a snorkel off Tantabiddi Beach



F1000005We scooted off, eager for what the Reef held under the waves

F1000012BVD found his spot, lowered the anchor and threw us overboard


F1000011Such a green world

F1000007Ders sat on a coral brain

F1000021and I stood on a limestone outcrop

F1000006Ders had to surface to get his underwater camera


F1000022There was life everywhere in these parts

F1000024Ders came gliding around to capture the action

F1000016We spotted this little guy slicing under rocks, looking for a tasty bite to eat

F1000014BVD was on a mission too – he was getting set with his gidji, keeping his eyes peeled for fish scales he knows taste the best

F1000020and sure enough, soon after he collected

F1000025Ders knew it was time to get back in the boat, as BVD had told us stories of times when he had speared good tasting fish, and bigger fish had tried to steal them off of him

F1000013So after we got all our stuff safe back on board, we rolled up in our towels and congratulated BVD on catching that nights dinner.