Last year Halloween fell on a Saturday, which was a perfect excuse to make a weekend out of the ‘holiday’.

img_8598Fremantle held an event on the Friday in the Queensgate Cinemas

img_8458Entry was a steep $25, but after the evening, I didn’t regret the spend. We were prepared to be spooked

img_8547“Holy Shit! What the..”

img_8559“Oh, there’s just a guy in there”

img_8481They had converted one of the cinema rooms into a silent disco, where party goers wore different coloured head phones that played different music in the silent room

img_8477img_8533img_8511img_8526My camera even had a good time…

img_8672…not like this guy

img_8613We went to go check out a different cinema room, but we didn’t come here for a band

img_8652We left the cinemas and went to the main foyer to see how the party was evolving

img_8568img_8465Some people had really dressed up

img_8470Justin was having a good time, though his costume sucked

img_8658as did this guys’

img_8665img_8678photocorpse was there too!

img_8687img_8695“How’d it go photocorpse?”



img_8701img_8741img_8755img_8760chicken bone beard

img_8777img_8766Once we had had enough in the foyer, we hit the streets, cos there were definitely some people that didn’t have $25 to spare

img_8789People were conjuring on the street out the front

img_8636two witches with eyes looming in the background

img_8797img_8802But the best costume I had seen all night went to this guy

img_8880The next night was actually Halloween, and we had a house party to go to

img_8882upon arrival I was amazed with the intricacy and dedication to Lachlan’s costume; The Tribal Terror

img_8903The Social Scarecrow

img_8926and The Clown Clan

img_8928yep, it’s a party

img_8941“Hey! Stop following me!”

img_8909Lauchlan’s headpiece started unravelling

img_8961“Just put your finger herrrrre please..”

img_8967“Dah daaaaah”

The Transforming Tribal Terror

img_8888“Oh Shit! What the..”

img_8892“Oh, someone just spilt their blood..”

img_9005it was getting heated inside the house

img_8999img_9014I Know What You Did Last Summer Crew

img_9022aaaaaand this is what sent me home…

img_9034…but just when you thought it was safe: Catch 22







-fremantle harbour-







-champagne sundown-

-beer harbour-


-south mole-

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