IMG_6296.football fanatical.

IMG_6300.plant of the bapes.




Canon 500D




Last year Halloween fell on a Saturday, which was a perfect excuse to make a weekend out of the ‘holiday’.

img_8598Fremantle held an event on the Friday in the Queensgate Cinemas

img_8458Entry was a steep $25, but after the evening, I didn’t regret the spend. We were prepared to be spooked

img_8547“Holy Shit! What the..”

img_8559“Oh, there’s just a guy in there”

img_8481They had converted one of the cinema rooms into a silent disco, where party goers wore different coloured head phones that played different music in the silent room

img_8477img_8533img_8511img_8526My camera even had a good time…

img_8672…not like this guy

img_8613We went to go check out a different cinema room, but we didn’t come here for a band

img_8652We left the cinemas and went to the main foyer to see how the party was evolving

img_8568img_8465Some people had really dressed up

img_8470Justin was having a good time, though his costume sucked

img_8658as did this guys’

img_8665img_8678photocorpse was there too!

img_8687img_8695“How’d it go photocorpse?”



img_8701img_8741img_8755img_8760chicken bone beard

img_8777img_8766Once we had had enough in the foyer, we hit the streets, cos there were definitely some people that didn’t have $25 to spare

img_8789People were conjuring on the street out the front

img_8636two witches with eyes looming in the background

img_8797img_8802But the best costume I had seen all night went to this guy

img_8880The next night was actually Halloween, and we had a house party to go to

img_8882upon arrival I was amazed with the intricacy and dedication to Lachlan’s costume; The Tribal Terror

img_8903The Social Scarecrow

img_8926and The Clown Clan

img_8928yep, it’s a party

img_8941“Hey! Stop following me!”

img_8909Lauchlan’s headpiece started unravelling

img_8961“Just put your finger herrrrre please..”

img_8967“Dah daaaaah”

The Transforming Tribal Terror

img_8888“Oh Shit! What the..”

img_8892“Oh, someone just spilt their blood..”

img_9005it was getting heated inside the house

img_8999img_9014I Know What You Did Last Summer Crew

img_9022aaaaaand this is what sent me home…

img_9034…but just when you thought it was safe: Catch 22



Each Australia Day we find something exciting to do. In the previous years we have picked up a game called Wizards. Basically you drink beer cans. Once you have finished the first, you tape it to a new one creating a small tin stack, and begin drinking your second. Over the course of the whole night, you should hopefully end up with quite a tall tower. In the end, once the beer staff has reached a height, higher than you, you become a Wizard and you can cast spells, such as wrestle, vomit and pass out.

robbie_partington_wizards_beer_cansAfter picking up our beer, we found we didn’t have any tape, so we picked up a supply

wizards_beer_cans2arriving at the party, we began our staffs with the sun still high


australia_cakean Australia Day cake came out for dinner

wizards_beer_canswe washed it down with our staffs,

IMG_9119and things slowly become a blur

wizards_beer_cans_fighttowards the end of the night, we found ourselves out the front of the house fighting each other,

wizards_beer_cans_chilluntil our watches ticked over midnight as our Wizardly powers were held at bay for another time..



On a spontaneous-ish trip to Japan, where I was staying with (and pretty much following around) my good friend Liu Puli, we ended up in his home town of Osaka around the time of Halloween. Out on the weekend, we met up with some of his friends and skated the streets, eventually making our way towards Triangle Park, a famous landmark for young folk to hang out, drink and sometimes skateboard.

volcom_halloweenWe skated a spot around the corner from Triangle Park until Mr. Volcom himself came and hung with the group. It was now when we figured we had better go to Triangle Park, before Triangle Park came to us…


triangle_park_square_halloween1It was quite busy

IMG_2479 IMG_2373

liu_puli skeleton_bike

Things were getting too much a bit too fast, so it was off to the FamilyMart for some drinks

family_mart_halloween family_mart_halloween_swat


japan_halloween japan_halloween1

Things outside were a blur, but luckily I already had a few to drink, so my camera managed to get a few good memorable moments

japan_halloween3 japan_halloween4



japan_halloween7 japan_halloween8

japan_halloween9 japan_halloween10

hermaphrodite cow and transgender ninja turtles

liu_puli_halloween1Puli was enjoying himself


triangle_park_halloween skateboards1

After walking past overflowing bins and trash on the floor, people began to realise there was fun to be had by our stack of skateboards nearby

liu_puli_halloween2 halloween_skate

some pretty sober looking skating apparently went down


halloween_skate3 halloween_skate4

though, some people needed help

halloween_skate5and others got over people using their boards pretty quickly…

liu_puli_halloween3 liu_puli_halloween4

but Puli was enjoying himself, as usual


triangel_park_halloween3by the time most of the people had thinned out in the park, we looked at our phones for the time and found it was almost the hour of sunrise

liu_puli_skateSo we took to the road on skateboard and bike

liu_puli_bikesharing both drunkenly til the crack of dawn


all the way back to the Puli residence, to drink some more alcohol..