Pushkar is surrounded by many hills, but the closest one has a temple built at its peak. It was recommended to us that we climb the hill before sunrise, so we could get the best view possible of Pushkar below us.

IMG_5376The pathway was will lit until halfway up the hill

IMG_5387After that we used my camera flash…

IMG_5400We were joined by a couple of the town dogs, who most likely made their way up each morning

IMG_5409We reached the top as the sun slowly rose behind this hills in the distance

IMG_5460IMG_5446IMG_5427Dogs and humans both took in the view of Pushkar below them

IMG_5430IMG_5483I had a little wander around the temple as the temperature rose

IMG_5438We swam in the view for a few moments longer before beginning the descent

IMG_5443IMG_5440Wrong direction mate.

IMG_5490IMG_5494As we walked down we spied some other fury creatures, up in the trees this time

IMG_5506The Indian morning brings all walks of life